BarAdvisor has been a passion project for many years. While talking with industry leaders about faults with current platforms. I have designed a platform using blockchain smart contracts to provide a more direct-to-customer approach.

BarAdvisor 2.0 is designed to disrupt and dominate the industry.

BarAdvisor 2.0

Seed Round Open

The Pitch

A blockchain based platform that rewards regular users and compels businesses to signup to take advantage of the "free" tools and user access. Think Square, Yelp and Instagram rolled into one.

Capital Needed

BarAdvisor is raising $2million in capital to develop BarAdvisor 2.0. This capital will fund the development and rapid growth marketing campaign.

Return on Investment

BarAdvisor is focus on delivering a net profit within 18months. From the 24th month we are forecast to be generating over $8 million in net profit per month and a growth rate of 20%p/m