Drivers & Enthusiasts

With a passion for cars and working in the automotive for several years, I have always been looking for opportunities in the automotive space.

One day my car-loving 85-year-old father asked a question about his classic jaguar. Thinking back to how many times he has asked and I have searched for hours to find answers. The opportunity presented itself.

Car platforms are focused content & clicks not solving problems Drivesome is going to provide quick and easy access to answers and solutions for all drivers.

Under Construction

The Pitch

An open social network focused on using clout and rewards to entice Automotive influencers to create informational content. Designed to create conversation among drivers.


Drivesome is designed to grow organically and does not require much capital to get it of the ground. But we are open to car enthusiasts to get on board with financial support to help us speed things up.

Revenue Model

Drivesome has a large TAM, but this is a highly competitive space of car sales. Ads will be the main source of revenue at the start, but we have several opportunities once we have good brand loyalty.